Getting my caffeine fix

My Blue Bottle Three Africans coffee was quite yummy this morning.

Sunday, January 22 was the last day I had alcohol or caffeine … Between trying to not rely on caffeine, my cleanse and then getting sick I have been “substance” free.
Until yesterday …
I stayed home from work on Wednesday. After a long day of watching TV, movies, lounging, napping, drinking tea and water I was craving an alcoholic beverage. I decided against it.
Yesterday some point at work I just needed a cup of coffee. So I had one. Wow, it tasted so good.
I worked from home this morning. I was in the kitchen getting my cereal ready and about to make some tea when I decided I really wanted some coffee. So I had some. Oh yummy!
The booze intake will happen again sometime this weekend. Definitely Sunday, but possibly tomorrow. Just trying to keep it all in moderation.