Dancing off those calories

The food on Saturday night at our friends' house was delicious and amazing. We had meat lasagna and vegetarian lasagna and salmon. All delicious.

This has been a great long weekend.
I took Friday off, giving myself a 4-day weekend instead of a three. Sweet!
Friday morning I had a dentist appointment and then took the car in for maintenance.
After that the de-cluttering of the spare room/office began. I have worked on this room every day since Friday.
I have a lot of shredding to do and a few more things to sort through and Curt has some stuff to go through. But other than that it is nearing completion and the room is starting to look more as it should be and becoming presentable.
On Saturday night our friends Monica and Giovanni hosted Fiesta Italiana. (I know them from spin class at the gym. Over the past year various friends have hosted parties or dinner parties.)

Dancing at Fiesta Italiana with Monica and Elisa. (That night Elisa found out how cool her parents really are.)

The food was amazing. Oh man, it was so good! Others brought salads and the rest of us made sure we were in good supply of booze. I am always good at supplying booze. Curt and I brought Italian wine and beer.
As with most “spin parties” they turn into a dance party.
So between my two hours at the gym in the morning (spin; abs; body conditioning) and the dancing Saturday night I hope to have burned enough calories with all that good Italian food I ate and good wine I drank.
Yesterday we got to see our friends Jacob and Aileen who were in town from Chicago. We shared some beers. Once they took off Curt and I tried a restaurant called the guest chef in our neighborhood. Good wine and good food. (I know I took in way too many calories. But I think it was worth it.)
Yesterday and today I hit the yoga studio for some good and sweaty practice, especially today. I usually don’t get to take Power Vinyasa with Naushon. So whenever I can I love to take the opportunity to work really hard and get moving and sweat. And that class is almost always packed.