Still enjoying my coffee

Yummm ... coffee!

When I was sick over Christmas and New Year’s I pretty much quit caffeine for that two weeks.
Once I started to feel better I figured I might as well keep the caffeine to the minimum.
I decided to keep my weekend enjoyment of coffee. During the week I planned to have decaf tea and coffee only when I needed it (such as a bad night of sleep the night before) or really wanted it. I was not going to deny myself.
Just like my deal with booze, weekends and times when desperately needed. Or say I am having dinner on a Wednesday night with friends and a glass of wine or beer sounds good with pasta or pizza or sushi. Again, not going to deny myself.
I got sick again at the end of January beginning of February.
Soon after that second cold I had a few bad nights of sleep and found myself having coffee every morning.
For about the past month or so the addiction has returned. And I have decided that I am OK with it. Really, there are worse things I could be ingesting on a daily basis.