Sharing dry shampoo secret

Revealing my dirty little secret ... works on stank on clothes, too.

I have written in the past about how I don’t wash my hair every day. It’s not good for my hair or scalp. It has been more than two years since I have stopped washing my hair every single day.
I wash my hair two to three times a week. It seems to be just right for my hair and scalp, which is what this NPR article mentions.
I have noticed that my hair doesn’t get quite as greasy as it used to.
But when it does, or my hair needs a little freshening I use TIGI’s Rockaholic Dirty Secret Shampoo. It absorbs grease and gives hair a clean smell.
While in Vegas this weekend we hung out a lot at Elllis Island Casino, which is a little more divey than casinos on The Strip. And the air quality is not quite as good either. The food is cheap as is the great tasting home-brewed beer … but the nasty cigarette smoke lingers. Bleh!
I should have brought Febreze with us, but that thought never entered my mind until we reeked of cigarette smoke. I thought since the dry shampoo gets my hair smelling fresh, why not my clothes? I gave my jeans a good spray and the smoke smell was almost gone. I couldn’t believe it.
Great, I won’t have to travel with my dry shampoo and Febreze in the future.