Dry nose remedies

Enjoying Vegas with a beer and water (not pictured) with my dry nose.

(Be warned: Some of the pics associated with the articles I link up not are not exactly appealing. I mean they aren’t grotesque, just remember it is noses.)
It was either last Thursday or Friday while in Las Vegas that I noticed that my nose was really dry. I have never had a bloody nose before but I felt like I was about to get one. I was pretty sure it had to do with the dry environment.
Almost a week later my nose is still feeling dry.
I did a little research to find ways to “cure” my dry nose. Such as keeping hydrated, using a saline solution or even a humidifier.
When I was discussing my dry nose with Jen while still in Vegas she mentioned the saline solution. I just can’t do that. I have this thing with not wanting to put anything up my nose, which includes inhalers, sprays and drugs!
I also thought about using petroleum jelly. This article on Livestrong mentions petroleum jelly is OK in small doses and as long as it is used for a short period of time. Apparently it can be inhaled into the lungs. Yuck. I used just the tiniest bit tonight.
This article mentions some of the same remedies as the other ones I have linked to. Two other remedies are to cut out excessive alcohol, caffeine and sodium. Those are like of my three favorite things! The article also mentions the moisture (aka sweat) when exercising helps hydrate the nasal membranes.
I grew up in Tucson for the first 23 years of my life and then lived in Phoenix for 3 12 years. I don’t remember having dry nose issues before, but maybe I did and I have blocked it out of my mind.