Hydrating with my wacky water bottle

My fun and wacky water bottle worked pretty well while in Las Vegas.

Sorta sticking with the Las Vegas this week …
Whenever I travel I always attempt to keep my regular water intake. I regularly drink a lot of water. And my body notices almost immediately when I haven’t had enough.
Somewhere like Las Vegas where it is dry, there is alcohol everywhere and just the idea of not being at home all makes it difficult for me to keep up with my water intake.
My favorite water bottle is my Camelbak. But part of it recently broke. I have written to them as they guarantee their products 100%. And at some point I will be receiving a new one. It is just going to take time.
While in Vegas I didn’t want to take my metal water bottle.
I was recently at Office Depot buying my new shredder. While standing in line I saw something called a collapsible water bottle, which was only $1.50.
The bottle can be reused, folded, rolled up or flattened, it has a carribinder, which makes it attachable, and it stands up when filled with water.
My collapsible water bottle is a little smaller than I am used to having. It seems to hold 12 ounces of water. But it worked pretty well while I was in Vegas. I even used it while at the gym.