Recycle, donate, dilate

I recycled my wire hangers at the cleaners yesterday and donated my old glasses at the eye doctor.

This is gonna be a smorgasbord of a post: a little health care with some de-cluttering  and recycling and donating thrown in.
Yesterday I had an eye appointment. I have worn glasses since I was 4. So going to the eye doctor has always been important. I have been wearing contacts for about four years and I wore them years ago for a couple of years.
On my walk to my appointment I ran a couple of errands. I dropped some clothes off at the cleaners along with a bunch of wire hangers. Then I stopped to get some hair product from one of the salon’s on the main drag in my hood.
My last stop was the eye doctor. I asked them if they took old glasses. They said they did and the donated glasses go to Lions Club International. So I donated four pairs of good glasses I found in my de-cluttering. Unfortunately they couldn’t take the cases.
I really like my eye doctor and the staff. It seems like a fun and good place to work. My appointment went well. All looked good. My contacts are still doing great. (I wear hard contacts.) Everything with my eyes was how it should be. I had my eyes dilated, which I am not a huge fan of. But it is what it is. I can see so great afterward and it makes me super tired.
I feel like in that hour/hour and a half I accomplished a lot: ran errands; recycled; donated; focused on my health.