Just breathe …

After many years of practicing yoga and working on breathing exercises I learned how to breathe into my back last year.

Yoga class was a treat this morning. Even more than normal.
I took a friend with me.
Our friends Stefanie and Aaron are in town along with their teenage son and 4-year-old son. They are on their way to Disneyland. But stopped in the Bay Area for a couple of days.
Anyway, Stefanie and I went to the 9 a.m. Hatha yoga class with Vickie. Normally I take the 10:45 Vinyasa class with Ashley. But on occasion I take Vickie’s Sunday class.
It was nice to take a friend along with me. And Vickie thought we were related.
Today we focused on breathing, especially in our diaphragm. We focused on opening our sides and breathing through the muscles in our ribs, our intercostal muscles. The breathing exercises we worked on helped us open up our kidneys as well.
I love when I learn something new about my body in yoga class.
Over the years of practicing yoga I have learned many breathing techniques. I learn how to breathe when I am nervous or stressed or scared. And it really helps calm me.
Vickie makes us work hard. But we are always rewarded. She likes to throw in a full or partial Restorative pose  or two or three in there as well. We used the bolster a lot today, which I like.
One of the most interesting things we used the bolster for was Pigeon pose, which is my favorite hip opener. Pigeon is an intense pose. I felt even more intensity with the bolster.
When class was over Stefanie said it was just wanted she needed. I am glad I could share that experience with her.