Going green by reducing, reusing, recycling

Here is some of the ewaste I took to Onyx's Earth Day celebration today.

I consider myself environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly. Nothing extreme. I just try to be aware.
When I first moved to Oregon recycling was a big deal. And dividing each item was important as well: cardboard; paper; brown glass; green glass; etc. At the apartment complex I first lived in there were bins for each item. It made it easy to recycle.
When Curt and I first moved to the Phoenix area we lived in a townhouse. There was no recycling onsite. We bought our own bins and recycled glass and cans. About once a month we took all the stuff to a recycling center.
Recycling in Berkeley is pretty strict. Pretty similar to how we had to do it in Oregon.
Curt and I recycle and compost. We also recycle batteries, CFL bulbs, turn in ewaste at designated drop-off locations.
I reuse plastic bags, including the produce bags. When we had Joey all those bags were great for cleaning the litterbox. Now I try to be even more conscious about using reusable bags and reusing the produce bags multiple times.
I carry a Chico bag in my purse in case I have an unexpected shopping trip. The bags roll up into a tiny ball so it hardly takes up any space in my purse. I actually had a store cashier cheer at me the other day when she asked if I wanted a bag and I told her I had my own.

My friend and co-worker Stephanie and I found the earthquake simulator to be a fun and wild ride.

Today my company sponsored an Earth Day event. We had a lovely and fairly healthy catered lunch. There was an ewaste drop off, where I recycled a bunch of stuff.
Vendors came in to teach us about environmentally friendly ways to clean and show us some recycled office supplies, etc. I also got a new (second) Chico bag. There was even a mini Farmer’s Market where I bought strawberries and two beautiful eggplants for $3.75.
There was also an earthquake simulator. That was a fun and wild ride. We took a seat and felt what an 8.0 earthquake would feel like. The biggest earthquake I have ever felt was a 4.2. And that was scary enough. If I am experiencing an 8.0 I can assure you my face won’t look like that. ——->
Onyx today introduced recycling, composting and trash bins in all common areas. It takes me a few seconds to figure out where my Splenda packet goes (garbage) and my paper cup (compost). But I am so glad Onyx is really focusing on going green. I think it is so important that we try to preserve and show respect to Mother Nature (and ourselves).
Sometimes recycling can take a little extra effort. But in the end it is worth it and necessary.