My fitness competitiveness comes out

There is a lot of "lunge" work in yoga. Here I am showing the Crescent Lunge also known as High Lunge.

Sorry that I have been a little absent lately. Work has been nuts. Tuesday and Wednesday I had to come home and do a little work. So really by the time I was done with that I had no interest in blogging. Let’s just say I am glad this week is almost over. I am exhausted.
OK, now on to the real post …
I am not typically a competitive person (except when it comes to playing the game Taboo) and apparently when it comes to the wellness program at work and the ongoing and multiple challenges we have going on.
I am involved in many fitness challenges at the moment.
First the century mile: I have already hit and far exceeded the 100-mile goal. My personal goal is to hit 500 miles by the end date of the challenge. After spinning today I am now at 414 miles with a little more than a week to go.
Second is climb the stairs. The goal to reach each week is to walk the stairs for 25 minutes a week. Another challenge is to add 10 minutes to your exercise three times a week. Originally I didn’t accept this challenge since I already exercise between and hour and two hours each time I hit the gym or yoga studio and adding any more time seemed insane and not practical. But I figured I could combine the stairs and extra 10 minutes challenge into one, which I did this week.
I am also involved in a challenge through Facebook. This week the challenge is to do 1,000 lunges and squats in a week. (A couple of weeks ago I participated in the 1,000 crunches fitness challenge in a week.)
So on Tuesday I put on my tennis shoes and took a 10-minute break and headed to the stairs. I combined three challenges all at once: 10 minutes on the stairs hit two of the challenges. I also threw in 90 lunges three different times coming back up the stairs.
On Tuesday night my butt, thighs and hips ached. Take me away Aleve. When I woke up Wednesday my calves were super sore. I went on a 2-mile walk with some co-workers at noon on Wednesday. It was a great time to get away, get some exercise and stretch out my sore muscles. I had to work late Wednesday so I missed yoga, which was probably a good break for the calves.
When I woke up this morning only my left calf was sore and it still is. I did a little stair climbing today–but not as much as I wanted. I did ride the spin bike today for 17 miles. I focused on endurance training, which seemed to not be so painful on the sore calf. Then I did 150 squats and no lunges.
For my challenges this week: 414 miles (86 to go); 15 minutes on the stairs (10 minutes to go); I have hit the adding 10 minutes of extra exercise 3 times this week; and last I am at 350 squats/lunges–650 to go. (Also, many of these challenges are earning me points–which will win me prizes–through the wellness program at work.)