Making goal while biking at work

This was the moment on the espinner today when I hit my 500-mile goal.

Today was Bike To Work Day. At least it was in the Bay Area. Did everyone have Bike To Work Day today?
I did not bike to work today for many reasons, including I live more than 20 miles from work (I don’t think you can ride your bike over the Bay Bridge); I would feel very unsafe riding on the streets; I really wouldn’t want to do something like that; and the biggest reason … I don’t have a bike.
On the shuttle ride on the way to work I saw many cyclists. It was pretty cool. There were stations set up all over the Bay Area called Energizer Stations.
Even though I didn’t participate in Bike To Work Day I still biked 19 miles on the spin bike today. After I hit 16 miles I reached my century mile 500-mile goal before the end of the challenge, which closes on Monday.
The challenge was to complete 100 miles in a two-month period walking, running, biking, dancing …
Once I hit 100 I decided to challenge myself and try for 500 miles. At one point I wasn’t sure if I would make it. But I did it today!
Now that the challenge is over for me I can get back to keeping my exercise more balanced. My yoga practice, abs and weights were being neglected a little.
For the next week or so I plan to focus on my yoga practice, which happens to also work the abs and pretty much anything weights do.