Family is First

My Grandpa Frank and I at my cousin's wedding. We are posing with the Budvar Curt and I brought back from Prague.

This past week has been rough.
Work has been busy and tense.
My grandpa has been in the hospital. He went in last Sunday night and left Friday. They kept doing one more test. He has a tumor on his colon, which needs to be removed. It could have been much worse.
I have decided it is best for me to go to Tucson to be there for my grandpa and my dad. I want to be there before and after Grandpa’s surgery, which will be on Tuesday.
I also want to be able to help out anyway I can. If Grandpa needs groceries, I will make sure to get them. If Grandpa needs something from Walgreens, I will pick it up. If my dad needs me to pick up dinner, I will.
My grandpa is 90. You would never know it if you met him. He is a pretty amazing grandpa. I am grateful for him.
As a little girl I had three great-grandmas; two grandmas; and two grandpas. My first great-grandma died when I was in junior high; the second in high school; and the third two days after my wedding. (I believe she waited until after she saw me get married.) My other grandpa died when I was in college. And my nana died about eight years ago.
I have one grandma and one grandpa left. And Curt’s grandma. And I cherish them so much.
So it is important for me to go home this week.
Blogging will likely be limited this coming week as I will be rather busy.
I fear for my Weight Watchers plan this coming week, especially since I have only been back on plan for a week. But I will do my best. And if I fall off the WW wagon, I can get back on again. By the way, I have been doing pretty well this week with tracking my food and making some better food choices. (I’m a little bummed I won’t be able to weigh-in to see how my hard work has paid off. But I will survive.)