And the latest Go Fit Girl! winner is …

The latest Comment Contest Tuesday winner, Nicole, picked an iTunes gift card as her prize.

… Nicole!
Thanks to Nicole and Alicia for their great comments. I loved what you both wrote and am thankful for you both taking the time to comment. Especially Nicole!  I mean, wowza.
I love the idea of setting the timer for 5 minutes and getting the whole family to do a quick pick up. It makes it a little fun and gets everyone to participate, not just mom and/or wife.
This is probably my favorite thing Nicole mentioned: The house doesn’t have to be showroom quality – it just has to be clean and safe and comfortable.
Alicia, I am with you on the planning with the grocery shopping. For some reason I absolutely hate grocery shopping. If I could do what Alicia does: one thing I found that works for me is to grocery shop in the mornings on the way to work … I would do it.
I used to shop on Saturdays after the gym. But it is nuts then. So I go Sunday mornings before yoga. It is calm and quiet and I get it out of the way early.
There is a class at the gym that starts at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday nights (or like tonight I met my friends Jenn and Monica for a workout, which also starts at 6:30). I get back to Emeryville on the work shuttle about 5 or 5:10. So I have time to kill. Today I went to Target and then I also did some cardio at the gym before the girls met up. In the past I have also visited Trader Joe’s. I just stick a cooler in the trunk and put all the cold items in there and they keep each other “refrigerated.”
One of my biggest time savers is cooking a big batch of something over the weekend: brown rice, oatmeal, root veggies and lentils, soup … Then I have the tupperware ready in the fridge and I can throw into my lunch bag for work or pull something out in the evening for dinner.
And Nicole, I liked your mention of how important it is to eat healthy and to take time out to take care of yourself and make sure you get to yoga regularly–because you feel better and are a better person when you do.
Thanks again ladies for your comments.