New features on GFG!

Dumbbells created for Go Fit Girl! by John Chihak, owner of Anti-Hero Brand Press.

Go Fit Girl! is excited to announce two new features coming to the blog starting this month.
GFG! is launching Review Wednesday and Monthly Challenge.
Review Wednesday: I will review a product once a month on a Wednesday. If you have suggestions for items you would like me to review I would love to hear from you. Depending on cost of an item I may or may not be able to review it. And hey, if you want to send me an item to review I will! (The ratings will be from 12 a dumbbell up to 5–pictured above.)
Monthly Challenge: After talking with gym friends and finding out that they were interested in participating in some of the challenges my wellness work program provides I decided to try challenges starting this month through the end of the year. If they are successful I will continue them in 2013.
My plan is to have two challenges per month: one focused on nutrition and one focused on some form of exercise. I can’t commit that the challenge will be the first day of each month. But it will be at the beginning of each month.
The Monthly Challenge event invites will be featured on GFG!’s Facebook page. If you aren’t on Facebook you can still participate as each Monthly Challenge will be featured on the GFG! blog. So feel free to comment about your progress throughout the month on the blog.
Any ideas for the reviews or challenges are gladly accepted.