Get your water, yoga in for this month's Monthly Challenge

Staying hydrated is an important part of staying healthy and part of GFG!’s first Monthly Challenge.

OK, GFG! readers, today marks GFG!’s first Monthly Challenge.
There will be two challenges. One focused on exercise and one focused on nutrition.
In honor of National Yoga Month I thought I would make the first exercise challenge about yoga.
If you have never taken yoga before, try a class. If you occasionally or regularly practice yoga try a new teacher, class or type of yoga.
Because it is National Yoga Month gyms are likely offering more classes (I know mine is). Yoga studios may be offering something in honor. There could even be free yoga in the park. Check with Parks & Rec schedules in your city/town.
The nutrition challenge for September will be about getting your daily water intake in.
If you don’t drink much water every day (like you love the soda or Diet Coke, etc.) try to double your water in take every day for the month. If you drink a reasonable amount of water already try to get in six to eight 8 ounce servings in every single day.
The event invite has been posted to Facebook. Click here to view. Don’t forget that you can still participate in the Monthly Challenge even if you aren’t on Facebook. Just follow along on GFG! blog and ┬ácomment below on your progress.
Feel free to comment throughout the month on your progress. If you are having trouble making the challenge feel free to ask for suggestions and/or help.