Taking care of No. 1

The ambiance at Bellissima Day Spa is serene and beautiful.

As a woman I have to remind myself that I need to take care of me, too.
I have a long commute to work and a long day during the week as I get up between 5:15 and 5:30 most mornings. At times my job can be demanding and stressful.
Even though I am not a mother I am usually worrying about someone else or thinking about someone else or making sure things get done for someone else.
In order to take care of others we have to take care of No. 1 first. Otherwise we really can’t take care of others as well as we think we should.
Lately I have been getting a massage once a month. For years I have gotten massages regularly. And when money is OK I make sure to do it more often.
Today I got a massage from my awesome massage therapist Thanh at Bellissima Day Spa in Berkeley, where I have been going for more than seven years. Thanh is amazing with her hands. She is also a good, kind and hard working person. She cares about me and the feeling is mutual.
Today as she was working me I realized the left side of my neck and shoulder were super tight. Stress at work I’m sure has been contributing to those knots and tightness.
I realize for some a massage is not in the budget. But sometimes you can find deals with massage schools. You could get a 15-minute chair massage. For years I didn’t know that if I got a massage Monday-Thursday at Bellissima I got a discount on my massage.
Mani and/or pedi is a nice way to treat yourself. You can usually find good deals there, too. But beauty schools give major discounts on services.
Sometimes just taking a walk or going to get coffee; taking a yoga class; going to a movie by yourself; or going shopping. Or here’s a great one: Have a glass of wine at home while watching a favorite show or while taking a bath or reading a magazine or book; do something with a girlfriend.