Chugging water, practicing yoga

My CamelBak water bottle keeps me hydrated. I make it a goal to drink at least three of these a day.

I meant to write this post on Monday. But this has been a crazy and exhausting week.
OK, how are you non-Facebook Go Fit Girl’s Monthly Challenge participants doing?
There are 21 people participating in the Facebook event.
One participant let the group know that she recently took a CPR class and was told my the instructor that we all wake up dehydrated. So drinking a glass of water before your morning coffee is recommended.
And without even trying I do that most mornings, especially on days that I ride into work where I slurp down 24 ounces of water (750 mL).
Another participant signed up for yoga in the park. What a great idea! Unfortunately the Bay Area had crazy thunderstorms that day. So she wasn’t able to attend. But it was a great idea.
This challenge is definitely encouraging people to monitor and increase their water intake. And make more trips to power their noses.
I recently upgraded my CamelBak water bottle from a 16 ounce (500 mL) to 24 ounce (750mL) container. I find using the CamelBak increases my water intake. It is easy to drink out of with very few spill mishaps.
Since my upgrade I drink so much more water. It seems to be a little less of a struggle. My goal is to drink three bottles a day, which is nine servings or 72 ounces. That’s more than 2 liters a day. For reference sake a gallon of water is 128 ounces. But I usually hit close to 100 ounces a day. (As I am typing this post I am finishing my 11th serving for a total of 88 ounces.)
I am signed up for my first yoga workshop on Sunday called Restorative Yoga & Renal Fatigue with one of my yoga favorite teachers, Vickie.  This will be my first true yoga workshop. I have attended holiday workshops. But those are really just a longer yoga class with some reflecting.
My next holiday workshop will be the Thanksgiving workshop with Vickie, which is a benefit to raise money for Sruith Asher Colbert’s Seva Challenge 2012 for Off the Mat and Into the World, which uses the power of yoga to inspireconscious, sustainable activism and ignitegrassroots social change, according to the website.
I plan to write more about the Seva Challenge at a later time. But I encourage my readers to read up and it and possibly donate now.
Keep drinking that water and exploring your yoga options. And let me know how you are doing.