Accountability=successful weight loss

My senior photo, taken a little more than 20 years ago.

At one point over the summer I realized I needed accountability with my food and drink intake. Even though I worked out almost every day I wasn’t monitoring my food intake and I wasn’t losing weight even though I wanted to get back to my goal weight.
I needed accountability with food tracking.
In the middle of June I rejoined Weight Watchers (just online) and started tracking my food again. I have had some downs–weeks where I wasn’t tracking or just didn’t want to track, weekends where I decided to be “off plan.”
At Week 2 I had to unexpectedly go to Tucson because my 90-year-old grandpa was going to have surgery. I decided because I knew I would likely be busy for the week that I would not worry about my caloric intake for that week.
Luckily all went well with my grandpa and his surgery. I spent a lot of time at the hospital. But I also was able to spend time with both of my parents, which included some eating out–drinking, Mexican food and other delicious stuff.
I recently hit my goal weight. I decided to lose 2 more pounds, which gives me a little wiggle room.
And because of my accountability and food tracking since the middle of June I have lost about 10 pounds. I am right where I want to be. The program really works.
My upcoming 20th high school reunion was a great motivator to get back to my goal weight.
And my reunion is this coming weekend.
The reason I decided to go 2 pounds below my goal weight is to give myself some space when it comes to weekends like the upcoming one I have. I will be visiting family, hanging out with old friends while eating, drinking and having a good time. And I want to enjoy myself and not have to worry about what I am eating or drinking.
I also plan to exercise while back home. I am going to a yoga class at my dad’s wife’s yoga studio, Mindful Yoga studio. Another day I have a walk/hike date with high school friends. Once the reunion begins and until we leave Curt and I will be staying at the hotel where the reunion will take place and they have a nice looking gym, where I plan to exercise.
Once we get back from Tucson I will have some special dinners planned as my birthday is coming up. Then in the middle of October I head to Charlotte for a training. So really mid/late October I will get myself 100% back on plan.
I know that things happen in life. All of these I am aware of and are predicted. But there are times things aren’t predicted and you just need to go with the flow.
Know that Go Fit Girl! will be busy and on the go. So the posts will likely be limited. But keep coming back.
And at the beginning of October a new Monthly Challenge will be featured.

Class of 92 Tucson High Magnet School Badgers.