If you are in Tucson you gotta visit Mindful Yoga Studio

Mindful Yoga Studio in Tucson get 4 1/2 dumbbells out of 5.

Mindful Yoga Studio, Tucson, Ariz.

1101 N. Wilmot (Speedway and Wilmot, next to Trader Joe’s)

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My dad’s wife, Hilda, opened a yoga studio recently.
While in Tucson for my high school reunion I was able to visit the studio and take a class from Hilda.

Meditating while wearing my new Mindful Yoga Studio top. (Early birthday present!)

I am used to attending classes at a small studio in my neighborhood with spendy classes. There are great teachers and classes and I love it.
Mindful Yoga studio in Tucson has two studios, a nice lobby area, a tea area, two bathrooms (and even a shower).
I took an 8 a.m. Morning Mellow Stretch class with Hilda. It was just what I needed.
The Morning Mellow Stretch is described like this: Good for beginners/continuing students and anyone desiring a gentle way to wake up the body. Incorporates slow sun salutations, with soft openings and mind-body awareness into a slow, meditative, calm practice. Perfect for beginners or even advanced practitioners wishing to slow down.
The day before I had traveled via plane, got into Tucson late, went to bed later than normal and didn’t sleep so great.
After class my back no longer hurt and I felt refreshed. It was a perfect class for my body that morning.
The ambiance at the studio is so warm and welcoming. We practiced in the back studio and I liked the ambiance in there best. The room was dark with soft light illuminating in the corners along with candles and soft music. The wood flooring is absolutely gorgeous and super clean.
Mindful Yoga studio has a diverse schedule and a good variety of teachers.
Workshops are already happening along with “famous” yoga teachers coming to the studio to teach. There is also a teacher training program for Yin Yoga.
The prices are great. You first class is just $5. Drop-ins are $8 and class passes or unlimited monthly memberships are also available.
Lots of parking is available. And if you need to hit Trader Joe’s or Starbucks before or after class you can.
Despite the fact that this is a family studio I feel my critique is still fair. I actually know how hard they worked to get this studio up and running and in the short period of time in which they did. (And if I wasn’t a fan of the studio I would follow the rule: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t day anything at all.)
Mindful Yoga Studio in Tucson gets 4 12 out of 5 dumbbells.
If you visit, make sure to tell them Go Fit Girl! sent ya.