Minus 1 drink, abs/core work are featured in this Monthly Challenge

The nutrition challenge for GFG!’s October Monthly Challenge is Minus 1. Read more about it in the post below.

The first Go Fit Girl! Monthly Challenge seemed successful. Trying to increase or get your water intake to at least 48-64 ounces a day and either trying yoga for the first time or if a regular yogi, trying a new teacher or new kind of class/practice.
Today launches Go Fit Girl’s October Monthly Challenge.
And the challenges are:
Nutrition: Minus 1.
Do you drink more than one cup of coffee a day, how about numerous Diet Cokes? Do you have more than one glass of wine or beer when you get home at night?
If you are a regular soda drinker, whether regular or diet (I know there are a bunch of Diet Coke heads out there) or caffeine or booze … try to eliminated just one a day every day this month. If you want to cut the amount down by more feel free.
If you normally drink 10 Diet Cokes a day, try to just have nine. If you have three cups of coffee each morning, try to just have two. For booze, either try to just drink on the weekends (my normal alcohol intake is Friday through Sunday) or if you regularly drink during the week as well, try to have just one less. If you only have one drink a night, try to just have one every other night.
If you don’t drink caffeine or soda or alcohol, well, then just focus on your water intake.
Exercise: Abs/core work
The GFG! readers have spoken. Last week I posted on the Facebook GFG! September Monthly Challenge event page asking what people wanted to do for the exercise challenge. And almost every single vote went to abs.

Working on my 6-pack.

I am going to steal this idea from a friend who used to post exercise challenges on Facebook.
Every week in October try to clock 1,000 abs/core exercises.
You get to figure out how you calculate your 1,000. You can do straight crunches, ab work in yoga (such as plank), oblique woe, a gym class, a yoga class, etc.
Just try to get a variety in. You want to work your upper and lower abdominal muscles, obliques and the other ab muscles we have. OK, I just looked up some information on abdominal muscles. There are six: transverse abdominal; left and right external obliques; left and right internal obliques; and rectus abdominus.
In case you want to see a picture of the six abdominal muscles, click here.
For those not on Facebook, feel free to post your progress in the comments below.
And those on Facebook, feel free to post your progress here or on the Monthly Challenge Event page.
This article gives 12 abdominal exercises, which require no equipment.
This article states that the 10 most effective ab exercises are posted. Some of these require equipment.
OK, now get to working on the 6-pack and drinking one less Diet Coke a day!