Birthday card humor

The birthday card from my mom on the inside reads … if you don’t eat it.

Tonight’s post will be brief as I am doing laundry and packing for a business trip later this week.
If the A’s win tonight I will likely be going to Game 5 tomorrow, which is supposed to be my night to pack.
Since Game 4 is still going (and a rather exciting game), which The Husband was lucky to go to as well as our attendance last night I am preparing for the fact that I may not have time to pack tomorrow.
This means I am also paying bills and going through mail and all that stuff you have to do before you take off for a few days.

This card is from a co-worker and was probably my favorite card this year. Though I got a lot of great cards. Thanks, everyone!

I had a great birthday yesterday with pampering and watching the A’s win last night. A great time.
So tonight I will post pics of two birthday cards I got.
Is Hallmark watching Go Fit Girl! and making cards to cater to me???
I hope to post at least a few times while I am in Charlotte for a trademark conference.
I can guarantee there will be lots of eating and drinking. At these types of events the vendors really take care of you and make sure you have plenty to eat and lots and lots to drink.
But my gym clothes are packed and I plan to hit the gym at least three times.
My last hotel stay I visited the gym twice out of a possible three times. And there was lots of eating and drinking that weekend as well. So I am thinking all is good.
Wish me luck and don’t worry, if there are few posts I promise to get back on the bandwagon as my life comes back to normal mid-next week.
As always I got lots of ideas going on in my head and my little idea notebook is filled with lots of good stuff.
Hey, and if you have a question or want me to research something send that my way! I try to look into everything someone asks. And if you have asked me something and I haven’t posted it yet, it just means it’s in the queue to get taken care of at some point.
Let’s Go Oakland!