Having an unhealthy good time

My first night in Charlotte I was quite tired after a full day of travel. So I just enjoyed some room service with Carolina Blonde and shrimp grits. Wow, delicious.

Please note: This post was meant to go up last night. But I was having some technical difficulties getting my photos. So you get it this morning.
I used to be a very unhealthy person.
Now I consider myself fairly healthy.
The past couple of weeks I have ditched the healthy lifestyle because of travel, fun and a recent birthday. (Which I got to work tonight at a steakhouse and get some yummy chocolates and candle in a strawberry while also enjoying an amazing steak with fun friends, new and old.)
I am in Charlotte for a trademark conference/training. While here vendors and friends wine and dine you.
I have been staying up late, eating and drinking a lot more than usual, drinking way more caffeine than the norm and there has been some major snacking. And exercise has been minimal.
There has been some great networking and hanging out with my super fun UK friends, Harry and Iana. (They are lawbreakers!)
Even ¬†though I am really enjoying hanging out with fun people … I feel really tired and unhealthy at the moment.
How do people maintain lifestyles like this all the time? I realized recently that when I was unhealthy I felt like crap pretty much all the time, but just didn’t realize it until I knew how I could feel when maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
I am so ready to get back to my regular and healthier routine. (But I still have a few fun outings while in Charlotte and later this week after I get home.)
Sorry for the lack of posts. I promise to be back on a regular posting schedule soon.