Longing for regular, healthy routine

Here is a collection of my rally towels. I wave them for me and I wave them for all the people I care about out there who need a little rallying.

So the Go Fit Girl! October Monthly Challenge has been really tough for me. (Click here to take you to the Facebook event.)
I am having a hard time for a variety of reasons: birthday; Oakland A’s playoff games; many dinners eating out; travel; Charlotte; work conference where vendors and law firms wine and dine.
In addition to all of the things I just listed I am having a bumpy time in life. It’s nothing major. But you know how sometimes you encounter bumps and hurdles?
Well, I am in that mode right now.
I have been drinking way more than normal, drinking a lot more caffeine, eating super unhealthy and rarely exercising.
I am looking forward to Monday when I plan to get out of this funk and rally back to my routine and healthy lifestyle.
I will be back to my regular exercise routine along with getting back to cooking meals for myself and eating so much better.
And I also plan to be back to my regular blogging routine as well.
This weekend I plan to nap, lounge, relax but also get some things done that I have been neglecting around the house. Oh, and I have some knitting to do as well.
Cleaning and organizing always make me feel better (at least when it is complete) and makes me feel like my life is getting back to where I want it to be.
Sometimes just having a plan can make all the difference as well.
For all of my dear loved ones who are having a hard time right now, please know that you aren’t alone. Just take one day at a time. But really, do your best to take care of yourself.