The benefits of setting an intention in yoga

Meditation and setting an intention are such positive and relatively easy things to do in our yoga practice and everyday life.

There are a lot of things I love about practicing yoga.
One of my favorite things is at the beginning of practice you set an intention.
I like how this article describes setting an intention, (setting an intention connects) the what I’m doing with the why I’m doing it in a body-mind-spirit manner. I find that when I set a thought, affirmation or prayer to my movements, I am much more present in my breath, more inspired to complete my practice. Setting an intention is a personal ritual.
Most of my yoga teachers ask us to set an intention at the beginning of class. When I practice alone in my home practice I set an intention.
My set intentions vary. Sometimes I set it for myself, my practice or for someone I care about who could use the extra positive energy.
Yesterday in class for the first time I set an intention toward someone who has been hurtful to me recently. I don’t want to have the negative energy take over.
I am someone who holds grudges, I get my feelings hurt easily and I tend to let negative feelings fester inside.
I am trying to learn how to let some of that go. Holding on to negative feelings and energy just isn’t worth it. Wasting my energy isn’t helpful to me or my well-being.
So I am working on dealing with the hurt and moving on the best I can.
And thanks to yoga and my practice to helping me learn to deal with that.