Getting back to healthy lifestyle feels good

Getting back to my regular exercise classes feels good. Jessica kicked our butts tonight in body conditioning with some abs, cardio and weights.

Last Monday I put myself back on plan.
Back to my healthy lifestyle of regular exercise, eating better and tracking food/exercise.
And I have to say I feel so much better maintaining a healthy lifestyle than that month that I just went nuts. I felt tired and just crappy.
I still feel tired and crappy, but in a different way. Does that make any sense?
Last week was probably one of the toughest weeks to start back on the healthy plan AND try to lose weight.
Even though I have had many challenges this past week: two lunches out; dinner out; drinks one night, which turned into a light dinner; home cooked meal by an amazing friend; cruddy and busy week at work I still managed to get my regular exercise in and keep my calories in check.
AND the best part was I lost weight. I am back on track to get to my goal weight again.
As I have said before: If you have the tools and knowledge and you want to lose weight you will. If you don’t want to lose weight you won’t. I know it doesn’t seem that simple at times but really it is.
And if you want a supportive buddy, I am right here. We can IM, text, talk on the phone and if you live in the Bay Area we can talk in person or meet for a gym class or yoga class.
I really didn’t want to go to class tonight. But I knew Monica was going. And more important relying on me to get to class a little early and set up our spots with steps, weights, body bars and mats.
That is a great motivator to get me to the gym and that class. And I get to work out with a buddy.