Home practice while in Missouri

One of the stretch poses Marilyn and I practiced today was banana.

I am in Missouri this weekend visiting my in-laws.
Being married to a hunter makes it an annual tradition to come out for the opening of deer season. My brother-in-law and his sons are here for the weekend as well.
I brought my travel yoga mat with me in the hopes of practicing a few times.
Marilyn, my mother-in-law, asked if we could practice yoga together today.
I was happy to oblige.
The two of us took a break from the hustle and bustle of the house and went down to the basement with our yoga mats, some of my yoga music and a few ideas I had.
We were probably down there an hour. We worked on stretching out our lower backs, a little balancing and some stretching. Before getting into savasana, we stretched out in banana, which is a great stretching pose.
It was a great home practice for the both of us. I taught Marilyn a few things and I got to have a buddy while practicing.
I look forward to another practice or two with Marilyn this weekend.