Buh-bye plastic bags

The sturdy Chico Bag rolls up into a tiny little package, which is easy to carry in your purse, backpack or car.

When I was at Target the other day … and by the way it was so busy at like 10:3011 a.m. on a Friday morning. What’s the deal? (I work from home on Fridays and can be flexible about my “lunch break.”)
Anyway, as I was paying for my items (and many more than I had planned to buy–but that seems to be the norm when going to Target) as the cashier was scanning and bagging my items into my Chico Bags, which should very soon end up in Go Fit Girl!’s Amazon store, he told me that starting January 1 Alameda County (where I live and shop) will no longer have plastic bags and it will be 10 cents for a each paper bag used/needed.
I carry at least two Chico Bags in my purse so I am ready for an unexpected shopping trip, such as Michael’s today.
I carry bags in the trunk for trips to Target. I have bags in the pantry, which are used every time I go to the grocery.
I understand the need for the plastic bag ban ordinances … to a point.
But there are times when a plastic bag is just necessary: lining the bathroom garbage cans; cleaning the litter box; picking up dog poop; holding wet clothes or bathing suit; storing shoes or dirty shoes …
The Problem of Plastic Bags makes good points about all the environmental damage these bags have created. At least 267 species have been scientifically documented to be adversely affected by plastic marine debris.
If you read the link above you may change your mind. I try not to waste. I do my best to reuse, reduce and recycle.
I wonder if the plastic ban ordinance applies to the little plastic bags you use in the produce department? Can you imagine bagging a wet bunch of cilantro or one tiny jalapeño in paper bag? I reuse those bags as well. I learned that trick from my friend Angela years ago. I thought it was funny that she reused them. And then at some point I realized what a great idea it was.
But I think, unfortunately, I will become a plastic bag hoarder. I was just about to take a batch to the grocery to recycle. But now I will keep what I have.