Don't forget to breathe

My turkey salt and pepper shakers, which come out once a year, along with some little pumpkins and corns. And don’t forget the wine!

Ah, the holidays are upon us.
Tomorrow is the unofficial launch of the holiday season.
I heard on the radio this morning that tonight is the busiest night for bars.
I searched on Google to find more information about this. Many cities did stories on it. The one I decided to open came from Tucson, my hometown, and said: Traditionally when Thanksgiving comes around our family and old friends are around and we tend to want to go out and celebrate or just have a good time. Most are on holiday or off of work by some means.
For many this season is not filled with joy or fun or good times. It can be stressful, exhausting, unhappy …
I do love this time of year. I love having a tree and seeing the lights and just the feelings I get from it. I didn’t used to love it. I used to work retail and then I worked in newspapers, where there is no such thing as a holiday. News happens 247.
Curt and I are staying home for Thanksgiving. Our friends Jim and Jennifer, who usually join us, just moved to Indiana. Our friends Jacob and Aileen are in town to see family and they make it a point to stop by our place, which I love.
So Thanksgiving will be calm and quiet and I am looking forward to it.
For me Christmas will be the busy and stressful holiday this year. Curt and I are going to Tucson. I love my family. But it can be an exhausting visit.
Just remember to breathe. Sometimes you just need a moment. When I get overwhelmed I just need to take a break. I definitely plan to practice yoga while in Tucson. (And get some other exercise in as well.)
Last night in yoga Vickie taught us some ways to keep our “breathing department” open. We did a few poses. My favorite was supported bridge on a blanket. And this one you can easily do at home. Throughout class we focused on keeping our our breathing department open. It was a great exercise and yoga practice.
And if all else fails there is always booze. When in Tucson you will definitely find me at The Buffet a time or two.