The power of the cupcake

Gingerbread and Red Velvet cupcakes from Sibby’s were available at work today.

I had another post in mind today. But I have some work to do on it and I am tired.
And something happened at work, which warranted a short and quickie post.
Part of my job is to ensure that our researchers keep their lab notebooks up to date, that they are complete, signed and have a witness verify and sign off on the science and eventually be backed up via PDF.
Because we are closed the week between Christmas and the new year we encourage our researchers to turn their notebooks in to have our vendor PDF them. It ensures a high quality copy of the notebook should anything happen to the actual notebook.
The Law Department hosts twice a year an event called a Witnessing Party, where we provide refreshments and pizza. We don’t have the Witnessing Party at the end of the year.
But we have cupcakes.
And those little suckers are quite powerful. Not just with the researchers but just about anyone in my department and anyone who walked by.
I mean, yes, they are yummy. But wow, who knew that little sugary cakey thing could cause such a ruckus of excitement from Sibby’s.
And, yes, in case you were wondering I did have one near the end of the day.