Review Wednesday: Chico Bag

The Chico Bag gets 4 1/2 dumbbells.

I try to be an environmentally friendly person.
We recycle, we compost, I shop with reusable bags, I rarely buy bottled water and instead have a Pur water filter on our kitchen facet where I fill up my Camelbak water bottle regularly.
Late last year I became an owner of my very first Chico Bag. I now have several.

A Chico Bag opened and all rolled up for easy storage in purse, bag, backpack, glove compartment …

The bag rolls up into itself into a small pack, which is easy to carry in a purse, backpack, glove compartment, etc. When opened up in full it becomes a good size sturdy bag. And according to the tag on the bag the Chico Bag can carry up to 25 pounds.
I like to carry the Chico Bag in my purse for unexpected shopping trips or when I don’t have my reusable bags.
I usually have two in my purse and have even lent a bag to a friend.
You can find a variety of Chico Bags in Go Fit Girl!’s Amazon store. There are a variety of bags to choose from like this one and these and even these.
Probably the only negative that I can think of is germs. That is likely the biggest concern with any reusable bags.
How do you clean a Chico Bag?
I try to to regularly throw them in the washer. I have some bags where delicates can be stashed together and be safely washed. So I throw my bags in the delicates bag and get those dirty bags clean. I don’t throw them in the dryer and just let them air dry.
A Clorox or Lysol wipe would also work. Even old fashioned soap and water.
According to this article, What’s in your shopping bag? Bacteria, machine washing or hand washing (reusable bags) reduced bacteria levels to almost nothing. (Part of the debate over banning plastic bags is that they have little potential for bacterial contamination.)
I give the Chico Bags 4 12 dumbbells.
And these can be great stocking stuffers or you can use them to carry the Christmas presents to your mom’s, friend’s or wherever.