Going home for the holidays

Weather in Tucson is looking good for the next few days. I wouldn’t mind if Christmas day was a little warmer. There’s still time for a warm front to come through.

I am going home for Christmas.
This makes me happy and also I have been feeling the stress before it even gets here. I love my family very much.
Earlier this year The Husband asked if I wanted to back to Tucson for Christmas. Without hesitation I flatly said no.
But then in June my 90-year-old grandpa had surgery. I decided I needed to be home for the surgery to be there for my grandpa, my dad and for me. Luckily all went well and my tasks for the week were to visit my grandpa as much as I could in the hospital and make sure my dad and his wife’s dog wasn’t neglected–which mostly meant drop-offs and pick-ups at doggie daycare.
After that experience I decided that I needed to come home for Christmas. I am lucky to still have two grandparents: my dad’s dad and my mom’s mom.
And Curt’s parents are joining us for a warm Christmas in Arizona, which they are very excited about. And that makes me happy.
According to the article, Fighting Festive Stress and Conflict, we should try to “maintain and manage” relationships rather than reinvent them at this time of year. But make a commitment to address the relationship issue in the new year.
And yes, this is true: For many of us it’s not Christmas without some kind of family drama.
I know I should limit my alcohol intake around the family and family drama. But I do tend to drink more to help me cope. The same article linked about gives this advice:¬†Too much booze can lower inhibitions and throw fuel onto the fire of slow burning disputes. Try not to drink too much yourself, so you can keep a cool head if things turn ugly. (You can always have an extra glass to celebrate later, when you’ve got through the day without mishaps.)
I know that this is all true. But I don’t really listen to that advice, even if it is sound and right.
The hotel we are staying at while in Tucson has a nice gym. I plan to exercise there with my friend Bridgette. This will provide needed exercise and help reduce stress. I also plan to take a yoga class or two at my dad’s wife’s yoga studio, Mindful Yoga Studio.
For all of you traveling for the holidays, be careful and safe. Whatever it is you celebrate I hope it is happy and healthy. And don’t worry I plan to post while away. Not sure how often. But it will definitely happen at least a few times.