Try something new & quit yer complanin' in January's Monthly Challenge

Last January I did a green cleanse. I tried many new vegetables.

Happy New Year, my friends and my readers.
Today is the start of a new year and a new Go Fit Girl! Monthly Challenge.
I personally don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. Now I know they exist. But how often do we make one and keep it? Yup, think about it.
For as long as I can remember I have stopped making New Year’s Resolutions. But that doesn’t mean I don’t strive to be healthy and challenge myself nutritionally or physically. I just don’t normally start that on January 1.
That being said, we are still starting a challenge today. But let’s give it a little different thought and approach.
Here are the challenges for Go Fit Girl!’s January Monthly Challenge:
Exercise: Try something new. Maybe a new class at the gym or yoga studio. A new teacher. Try a higher weight or a new machine at the gym. Try a pose during yoga class, which you have been reluctant to try. Try going for a walk once, twice or three times a week. Try pilates or Zumba or kickboxing or something else you have wanted to try.
I know some of my readers will start a New Year’s Resolution to start exercising today. I am NOT discouraging that. What I am discouraging is to make a resolution that is impossible to reach. If you are just starting out with the exercise make a promise to yourself to exercise three times a week. Start with something slow like walking. Then build up to something more if you so desire.
Nutrition: Try a new food, new recipe, new vegetable. Try something new, which is also healthy. Or heck, even try to cut out soda. At least reduce by one a day, including diet. Don’t fool yourself–it ain’t good for you! Try to drink more water and less booze. Just try something new for you.
When determining a new healthy goal give it some thought and come up with a practical and realistic plan.
And there is going to be a third challenge this month. I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately. I realize how fortunate and lucky I am. And I know most of my readers are as well. I know we all have different struggles. But I am gonna guess most of my readers have a roof over their head, food in the fridge and the basic necessities, like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and the Internet.
Extra Challenge: One day of no complaining. I think this one will be tough. I know it will for me, especially since I am a venter, complainer and exaggerator. Do you think you can go one full day without complaining (especially about menial stuff)? I think this will be a great practice in putting things into perspective.
Yea, you dropped your iPhone in the toilet, but you can afford one … you had to work extra hours but didn’t get OT, but after you left your long day you hit the liquor store for vodka to ease your “pain” and had no problem forking over the cash … you dropped your lunch on the floor, but you can afford to buy a new one and that $100 grocery bill from earlier in the week. You get the picture, right?
Let me know how all or any of the challenges are going for you this month. You can comment in the post comments below or on the Go Fit Girl! January Monthly Challenge Facebook event page.
Happy New Year! And here’s to a healthy 2013.