Training, travel and all that comes with it

I ordered a Belgian waffle for breakfast today. The butter doesn't look like that, by the way. I am at the airport ...

I ordered a Belgian waffle for breakfast today. The butter doesn’t look like that, by the way. I mean I am at the airport …

As I am writing this I am sitting at a restaurant at the Oakland airport waiting for my flight to Dallas.
I am attending the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting. The past two years I have attended the Trademark Administrator’s Conference. But because they are revamping that conference/training there is not one this year. So I decided to attend the annual meeting.
This is a great learning opportunity for me along with networking. Tomorrow and Sunday I am attending all day training on international trademark law, which is something I really want to focus on and understand better.
(Have I ever mentioned my occupation? I am a patent and trademark paralegal at a biotech. Feel free to check out Onyx Pharmaceuticals. And yes, if you are confused, I did get a degree in journalism and worked in newspapers for seven years. )
There are some sessions Monday through Wednesday that interest me along with networking and meeting up with a friend or two along with lots of parties. AND I am in Texas, so you know I am gonna get some barbecue.
For the next week and a half I have given myself permission to eat and drink pretty much what I want. And I have a date when I will get back to that regular healthy lifestyle I am accustomed to.
I did pack workout clothes. And both hotels I am staying at have gyms.
I will be in Dallas for the conference. After that I am heading to Austin for a few days to hang out with my cousin. I have never been to Dallas or Austin. So I am looking forward to it.
Not sure how often I will post. Unless you all really want to see pics of all the amazing and unhealthy food I will be eating … But rest assured, I will be back, my dear readers.