Review Wednesday: Dry shampoo


My collection of dry shampoos.

I have talked in the past about how I don’t wash my hair every day.
Washing my hair is quite a chore. Plus washing your hair every day is so bad for you hair and scalp.
But this post isn’t about why you should or shouldn’t wash your hair every single day.
Today I am reviewing dry shampoo. And not just one or two. I am reviewing five different brands.
Worst to best:
Bumble and Bumble: The concept of this dry shampoo makes sense. Too bad in reality it doesn’t


Bumble and Bumble gets 1 dumbbell out of 5.

work and is quite messy. **
B&B colors their dry shampoos for blondes, brunettes, red heads and those with black hair.
When I used this dry shampoo the brown spray got everywhere. There were brown dots on my face, hands, all over the sink counter.
I was always worried that when I sweated at the gym I would have brown running down the side of my face. That never happened. But when I dabbed the sweat on my hairline my towel turned brown.
The product was sticky and messy.┬áBut at least there wasn’t a smell.

two 1/2

Tresemme gets 2 1/2 dumbbells.

Tresemme: I tried two versions of this brand of “dry” shampoo. The thing I like about these is that they work really well if your hair is wet. You know like when you are sweaty after the gym and many of you want to wash you hair.
(Hey, it’s just salt water. Rinsing your hair is fine. Doing nothing is fine. Or try this dry shampoo–you might like it.)
These “dry” shampoos go on wet. One is a spray and the other is a mousse, which is super easy to apply.
If perms smelled good that’s how I would describe the smell of the shampoos. Not terrible, but not great either.
Smells are a big deal for me as I have a high sensitivity to smells and perfumes. So I can’t have any lingering smells as I get raging headaches and nauseated.


Suave gets 3 dumbbells.

Suave: This dry shampoo is super cheap and works well. This shampoo goes on with little powdery residue.
Some of the dry shampoos go on white. And when you have dark hair the white can be an issue. I personally don’t want to look like George Washington.
The only negative of this one for me is that it smells like grapefruit. The smell is intense. And you know, I have that dang sensitivity to smells. (But if that doesn’t bother you this one might be the one for you.)


Salon Grafix and Tigi Bed Head are a toss up and both receive 4 1/2 dumbbells out of 5.

The next two dry shampoos are a toss up. They are both amazing for different reasons. And I regularly use them both.
Salon Grafix: This shampoo is a little more expensive than the Suave or Tresemme. But you get what you pay for most of the time.
This one goes on clear with no powdery residue. So I can use it right before I leave the house and not have to worry about sporting a George wig.
It is hard to explain the smell. It isn’t perfumey. It almost has an earthy (dare I say dirt) smell mixed with some sort of spice. The smell isn’t too bad and is tolerable.
This is a great dry shampoo. If you can get over the smell it should be in your bathroom.
Tigi Bed Head: The Rockaholic Dirty Secret Shampoo is my favorite of all the dry shampoos I have tried and one I have been using for years.
The only negative is the powdery residue. How I solve that is by spraying on my hair at night. So when I sleep the shampoo blends in. I absolutely love the smell. It has a fresh smell–like you just shampooed.
Sometimes I spray the dirty secret under my hair to give it a fresh smell. I have even used it on clothes to get cigarette smoke out while in Las Vegas. And it was quite successful.
I know there are more dry shampoos out there. But I couldn’t possibly buy and try them all. If there is one I didn’t review that you would like me to review or one you know is amazing and you think I should try it I am happy to take on donated product. Contact me via e-mail ( if you are so inclined to send me something.