Comment Contest Tuesday: Challenge Go Fit Girl!


GFG! wants some ideas from you for this week’s Comment Contest Tuesday, which lasts until May 28.

I was thinking about this month’s Monthly Challenge and how I am not super jazzed about it. And based on the participation and minimal updates I am guessing GFG! readers feel the same way.

It’s difficult to come up with exciting challenges for exercise and nutrition every single month, which I have been doing for nine months now. Sometimes the ideas are great and sometimes they are just OK.

(My favorite so far has been going old school with hula hooping, jumping rope and jumping jacks, which was April’s Go Fit Girl! Monthly Challenge.)

So I am coming to my wonderful readers and asking you to give me ideas. What kind of challenges do you want? Do you want to challenge others? Or challenge yourself?

And to make this more fun, let’s make it a Comment Contest Tuesday.

For every idea you post in the comments below you will get your name thrown into a hat for a drawing. So the more you comment, the better chance you get to win a prize. Please make sure to come up with both exercise and nutrition ideas.

You can win a prize and I have some ideas to store away for future Monthly Challenges.

You have until Tuesday, May 28 noon my time (Pacific) to comment away. Only posts in the comments below will count. E-mails, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, in-person comments don’t count.