Working those butts, hips & thighs

Crescent lunge

Crescent lunge is great for butt, hips and thighs. We did this pose many times in Vinyasa yoga class today.

I have struggled with the exercise part of this month’s Monthly Challenge. (And a little with the water part since I have was traveling and drinking a lot of beer. But I am back on track with the water intake.)
Travel usually makes it difficult for me to keep up with healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise.
While I was at my hotel in Austin I got to the gym a couple of times and made sure my exercises focused on butt, hips and thighs.
I learned my lesson while in Dallas and have decided for now it is not a good idea for my knee to run.
(I need to try glucosamine and get that in my system before I try the running again. According to Wikipedia, glucosamine is marketed to support the structure and function of joints and the marketing is targeted to people suffering from osteoarthritis.)

While I was in Austin last weekend I did a quick walk with an incline on the treadmill for about 30 minutes, then lunges with biceps curls, squats while holding extra weight and dirty dog while lying on my side, which is described in this Livestrong article as side lying hip abduction.
The article also talks about walking lunges and the regular dirty dog move while on all fours. All great for the butt, hips and thighs.
Last Sunday  I did a 45-minute fast-paced walk with a decent incline.
Since being back in my regular routine I have gotten back to most of my regular exercise classes. No body conditioning this week, which will guarantee to work the butts, hips and thighs. This week I practiced yoga four times (lunges and squats in all forms) and spin twice (cardio and great work for all of this month’s exercise focus).