Exercising while on vacation


Here I am catching some air on the trampoline. I learned a few fun tricks. After that I tried the trapeze. Link to trapeze video here.

Another great thing about Club Med is there are activities for just about everyone.
(And if your thing is to just lounge at the beach and drink, there’s plenty of that for you. That’s my favorite pastime.)
Like most trips I brought exercise clothes with me. And about half the time they don’t leave the suitcase. This trip seems to be turning out that way.
Besides, sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba and other water activities “regular” exercise classes are also offered along with a gym.
There’s power walking, stretching (which I think is kinda like yoga, but since I haven’t gone I am not certain), abs and butts, Zumba, boot camp, water aerobics, etc.
There is also the circus where I tried doing tricks on the trampoline. It’s fun, but man, is that a work out. I probably did 15 minutes on the trampoline and then took a break before trying the trapeze.
The beginners got a quick lesson on how to stand, hold the bar and the few tricks we were going to do.
The scariest part for me was when I had to grab the bar with my second hand. That meant I was trusting someone to hold on to me until I was ready to swing through the air.
This video shows my second attempt on the trapeze. I felt like my first attempt was better. But this isn’t too shabby either.
Yesterday a major rainstorm hit. So many of us were huddled under the covered areas. Curt was playing pool and I was having a drink and enjoying the rain. The Zumba teacher, Patricia, came up to me and asked if I wanted to do Zumba. I am personally not a fan of Zumba.
(Anything where I have to be in step and coordinated in a routine I pretty much suck at, which is why I don’t do aerobics or step and why yoga, spin and body conditioning classes are best for me.)
But I decided to be a good sport and go with it. It was fun. But I was glad the class was only a half an hour.
Every night at Club Med there is a show, which lasts 30-45 minutes and then dancing afterward. Last night there were two shows and then dancing. Curt and I stayed for the dancing for a bit.
Curt and I are going on an all day snorkeling trip tomorrow. So I figure that’s plenty of exercise.