GFG! BIG announcement


Props for a yoga class can include a blanket, block, strap and mat. I always have water and a towel if the class is sweaty.

In the past 10 months or so I have been doing a lot of thinking, exploring, reflecting and starting to make changes in my life.
I am excited and nervous about the opportunity I am about to take on.
Starting next week I will begin a 10-month yoga teacher training program at Piedmont Yoga Studio.
Going through this program is something I have been thinking about since last October/November.
Everything is lining up for me in my life with signs showing me that this is the right time and the right opportunity to take it on.
My life has been transforming and becoming more focused on health and fitness, including really focusing on Go Fit Girl! and how the blog helps me and my readers.
Two of my favorite teachers, Baxter Bell and Vickie Russell Bell, studied at Piedmont and they are teachers under the Deep Yoga program I will be attending.
The timing is just right as this program only starts in September. And I can still fit in my full-time job and most personal things in my life.
If you are familiar with the yoga world you have heard of Rodney Yee. According to the history page on Piedmont’s site:¬†One of the Bay Area’s oldest yoga studios, Piedmont Yoga was opened in 1987 by Rodney Yee, Richard Rosen and Clare Finn, and it quickly became one of the most popular places for all serious East Bay yogis.
My time will be much more limited as I start my program. And I am pretty sure my posts will be focused on my training program and yoga practice.
I am making it a goal for myself to post three times a week. I can’t guarantee that that will happen every week. But that is what I will strive for. I know I will have a ton of material. It will be more a matter of time and tired. If I have one and not the other it could be all good.
I plan to maintain the Monthly Challenges … but I need support from my readers. So many people tell me how much they love them but they just don’t update or even accept the invite but still follow along. I need you to join and participate–otherwise how do I know you are taking it on and that you like it?
The Monthly Challenges are time-consuming so I need justification to keep them going. Please join, participate and recruit your friends!
If you can make a promise to me to recruit, join and participate I will make a committment to you to continue the challenges.
My dear readers, can I count on you to keep up with the Monthly Challenges and continue reading and commenting on my posts?
I am taking on the yoga teacher training program for a few reasons. It just makes sense for how my life is forming and the direction it is taking. I think (not quite sure yet) that I want to teach yoga once certified. What I do know is that this program will help me get into a deeper practice and allow me to know my body better.