Fun stories, random drawing, one Comment Contest Tuesday winner


The latest Comment Contest Tuesday winner gets all the goodies in this box.

Last week for Comment Contest Tuesday, I asked my readers what was or is your nickname? When you were a little kid what did you want your name to be? Any stories behind your name or nickname?
There were some fun answers. Thanks to all the ladies for answering.
The random drawing winner was … don’t call her Alice … Alicia.
Alicia doesn’t really have a nickname. But she has an interesting story about how when she was a kid her Chinese family really struggled to say her “Spanish” name.
My family calls me Annie. But I used to wish my name was Starr. I am still not a fan of my name. It’s boring and I consider it an old lady name.
In my Saturday spin class there are two other Anns (spelled just like mine) and if we are all there people yell out All Anns on Board. It’s fun! Yes, we are one wild and crazy spin class.
Brenda Marie, thanks for participating, and don’t worry, you aren’t in trouble.
Rebecca (aka Bridget[te]), I don’t remember the “other” Rebecca in kindergarten. Were you in Holly Lackowitz’s (is that how she spelled it) class?
Wow,┬áKim Hammermeister, now that is a name. Nicole is a much prettier name. I also was not given a middle name. At age 24 I legally changed my name to have a middle name–my mom’s maiden name and her last time at the time.
Full comments can be read here.
Thanks, Alicia, and other ladies for their comments. Alicia will receive the gift box pictured. Many of the items come from some recent Birchbox mailings along with a couple of Yes To items and some other fun stuff.
Thanks again for all the comments and support.