Establishing roots, structure

Doing a yoga teacher training and teaching yoga changes your relationship with yoga.

~Vickie Russell Bell, last night in class

yoga school

The Deep Yoga program includes classwork, reading, home practice and so much more.

Last night was my first night of yoga teacher training class.
I was excited, nervous, overwhelmed, tired and ready to learn.
One of my regular and favorite yoga teachers, Vickie, taught class last night.
The first Thursday night class was three hours of introduction to standing poses.
Just taking regular classes from Vickie has already provided me with a lot of knowledge about yoga and the body. But I know really focusing on alignment and knowing more will make me a better yogini and a good teacher.
Class consisted of talking along with instruction with a good amount of good questions, some note taking along with a lot of actual standing poses.
Alignment was a big focus last night. It’s important. And I don’t think I spend enough time really thinking about the placement of my body while in a pose.
Alignment is something that some of my teachers (like Vickie and Baxter) focus on. Not all my teachers focus on it as much. And I definitely need more of that.
I took a yoga class this morning. And the class was already different for me. Just one night of teacher training and I am thinking about yoga differently, definitely paying attention to placement in poses with my body but especially my feet.
In yoga poses, just as in life, we need structure. We need roots. One of my favorite (and there are many) Vickie quotes that I have been hearing (and I am listening, Vickie) is that you have to go down to go up. So simple yet so complex.
One class down and a lot to go. As I learn more about my body, my practice and yoga I will share with you. I hope you will enjoy my adventure in learning.