Winners have challenges, post advice, solutions

CCT win

Two of the prizes are shown here: handmade eye pillow and fun samples.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Comment Contest Tuesday, which was part of September’s Monthly Challenge.
Many amazing women posted their challenges and so many posted advice and solutions to others’ challenges. The support that everyone shared with each other was truly amazing.
Go Fit Girl! tries to be a regular person with everyday problems and issues. The thing she can’t relate to is the other moms. I was so grateful for so many moms giving each other support and advice.
Many talked about not having enough time in the day. We can all relate to that one, right?
Some of the challenges being faced were: Running around for all of their kids’ activities. Getting to bed on time and consistently. Reading. Getting in regular exercise. Getting to a yoga class regularly. Spending too much time on the Internet. Having more time to ourselves. Not having support from loved ones when we need something just for No. 1. Guilt! Being happy. Trying to get in those fruits and vegetables. Taking walks during the work day. Not creating drama or taking on anyone else’s.
OK, the random drawing winners are as follows:

Don’t forget, Be More Yogic now has a 10-day free trial on ALL classes. I recently did a review on them and highly recommended their yoga videos.
Thanks again to everyone who commented, gave advice and solutions. I appreciate the support and friendship from all of my readers. And I really appreciate the support you all showed each other.