Review Wednesday: Dry shampoo 2


This four dry shampoos are what Go Fit Girl! is reviewing for today’s Review Wednesday.

I have mentioned numerous times that I don’t wash my hair every day. It’s not as gross as you think. Really.
It’s really bad for your hair and scalp to wash it every single day.
Because I don’t wash my hair every day in order to keep my hair looking fresh and clean I use dry shampoos. There are a variety of them out there.
And I like to find different dry shampoos to use, just like with regular shampoo, I switch around.
A Review Wednesday I did in May was on a variety of dry shampoos.
After that review came out friends introduced me to even more dry shampoos with some donations and suggestions on purchase.
I have tried all four pictured and am ready to review them for you.
Just a reminder that if you ever want Go Fit Girl! to review something I am happy to take donations and try a variety of things.
Friends of Go Fit Girl! have given me onion goggles, reusable washable produce bags and dry shampoo.
I will review this in order of least favorite to favorite.


Psssst! would get higher than 3 dumbbells, but the smell …

Psssst! The True Original: It was hard for me to get over the smell on this one. The dry shampoo itself works very well. The spray only had a light white mist and easily combed out. It covered my oily crown well. I tried this shampoo before I left the house one day. For about half the day I had a dull headache and occasionally got a whiff of the shampoo. It’s too bad it has a perfumey smell. That’s really the only negative about it. But enough for me to not use it again. If scents don’t bother you then I recommend it for you.


The colored dry shampoo is a good idea. Salon Grafix does a decent job with it. But it could be better. This shampoo gets 3 1/2 dumbbells.

Salon Grafix for black shades: In my previous review I did try the Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo sans color and was a fan and still use the product. The black shade I am reviewing today is one that one of my friends gave to me and thought I might want to try it. I was not a fan of the Bumble and Bumble colored dry shampoo, which was also reviewed last time around. (I didn’t realize how ridiculously expensive the Bumble and Bumble is.) That stuff got all over the place. The Salon Grafix black shade worked much better. It went right on to my hair with a little color. It definitely absorbed the oil. But the black got all over my comb and I accidentally sprayed too close to my forehead. It wasn’t too difficult to wipe it off of my forehead/hairline. The original Salon Grafix I tried had an earthy smell, which I can handle. But this one had a different more perfumey smell, which wasn’t terrible, but not great either.


Acure has no smell, is easy to travel with and is environmentally friendly. It gets 4 dumbbells.

Acure Dry Shampoo: A friend gave me a sample of this and the next time I was at the yuppie/hippie drug store I bought my own. This one is an actual powder. No spray. It is environmentally friendly. It has absolutely no smell, which is great for me. You sprinkle a little of this dry shampoo in your hands and rub into your hair. You have to be careful because if you use too much you could end up looking like George Washington. I only wash my hair about twice a week. I felt like this product couldn’t be used multiple days in a row without really “feeling it” in my hair. This small container travels well or you can put a little bit of the powder in an even smaller travel container. You can’t do this with any of the other dry shampoos on this review or the previous one.


Clean Freak takes a close second to my favorite Tigi Bed Head. They both get 4 1/2 dumbbells.

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak: A co-worker/friend of mine ordered multiple canisters of this dry shampoo. She offered to let me buy one as she highly recommended I try it. I gladly did get one. She mentioned it was great because there was no white residue when sprayed. Not the case for someone like me with dark hair. But it was manageable. (And with most dry shampoos I use on my hair at night so I sleep on it and most of the white residue is out in the morning.) I can handle the smell with this one as it is a very clean smell, almost like soap and it eventually goes away. This dry shampoo takes a close second to my still favorite Tigi Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Little Secret.
If there are any dry shampoos you want me to try, please let me know. And don’t forget that I take and like freebies, too.