Off the grid


This was the view we had each day we practiced yoga at Prana del Mar.

For the past week I was in Mexico at a yoga retreat at Prana del Mar.
At Prana del Mar there are no phone lines, gas lines, water lines, electric lines. The retreat center is powered by solar panels and the water comes from a well. It is literally off the grid.
There was wifi, but it was slow and limited. I tried getting on (personal, definitely not work) e-mail a few times without success so I gave up and decided that it might be nice to have limited access to the outside world: No Facebook, no e-mail, no blogging, just a few text messages.
We practiced yoga to the sounds of birds; roosters; wood peckers; cows and their cow bells; donkeys; horses; the wind. Our view while practicing was the dessert, the ocean, the mountains.
Most days we had a two-hour practice in the morning and and hour and a half practice in the evening. We meditated 20-40 minutes a day.
Besides the bathroom in our rooms there were no mirrors in the community bathrooms throughout the property. Instead of mirrors there were framed words, such as resplendent; perfect; beautiful; true; sublime; rapturous; ethereal; pure …


Instead of mirrors in the community bathrooms there were framed sayings.

We had three delicious, healthy and organic meals made for us each day. The staff was kind, caring and supportive.
There was plenty of time to lounge around the gorgeous pool, where I read two books, chatted, napped and got a tan. (So excited about the tan!)
Prana del Mar is a magical place where I formed some amazing friendships, made deeper ones and spent a week with one of my favorite people, my mom.
I made two retreat “sisters,” who I already miss terribly, but plan to keep in touch with and who I was happy to “share” my mom with during the week.  
I liked the idea of being off the grid for a week. I felt like I was away for two weeks.
My time at Prana del Mar was so what I needed and I hope to come back to the magical place in my mind whenever I need it. (I also hope to make it back to the physical yoga retreat center at some point again.)