Glow on!


This was a view of the beach one evening from my mom’s and my room at Prana del Mar.

I was on vacation last week.
You know how you go on vacation and you (usually) come back refreshed and ready to take on life (and work)?
And your “vacation glow” lasts a day, half a day or five minutes?
I am determined to keep my vacation glow going as long as I possibly can.
I have decided that I am not going to let the fact that I couldn’t get into my email or calendar for the first couple of hours I was back in the office on Tuesday take my glow away.
Or that I had a bunch of meetings that day. And lots of emails to catch up on. And that some of those emails were a little angry.
Or that Thursday I was still getting through my emails. Or that I had a new team member start and there was lots of training to do. (But she is awesome, patient and a quick learner.)
My glow was put to the test many times my first week back at work. But I just wasn’t gonna let it go. Last week was amazing, relaxing, magical, awesome, fun. I developed some great friendships and deepened others.
I truly relaxed and enjoyed myself, others, my meals, my time and especially being off the grid.
I’m gonna hold on to this feeling as long as I can. And when I lose it I will just try to remember and bring myself back to the glow.