Back to life, back to reality (and routine)


The pile of mail I went through today included bills, Netflix and a bunch of junk mail.

I have been on vacation for the past two weeks. Spent some time in Tucson visiting my family, resting and relaxing and celebrating my yoga school graduation and teaching my very first yoga class.
The second week Curt and I headed to Amsterdam with our friend Jacob.
The past two weeks I have enjoyed my time. I ate and drank whatever I wanted. (Definitely didn’t get in enough water.)
I wasn’t as diligent with my yoga practice–but I still maintained a home yoga practice.
I did a considerable amount of walking while in Amsterdam, but not a ton, especially since we were staying in the center of town.
But I am back from vacation, which means it’s time to get back into that healthy routine and lifestyle.
I took today off from work so that I could haveĀ one more day to adjust to the time change/jet lag; run errands; go through the pile of mail and pay bills; etc.
I do love to travel. But it is always nice to come home and get back to a routine and back to normal.
And I got back to it today with a morning home practice, healthy eating once again and an evening yoga class.