Say no to processed foods, yes to glutes


Lunges are great for the glutes, which is our exercise challenge this month.

OK, it’s Labor Day and the first day of September, which means it is time for a new Monthly Challenge.
August’s Monthly Challenge was about slowing down. How did that go? I think it a great practice to continue in life moving forward.
OK, onto September’s challenges …
Nutrition: We all know that processed foods, which typically come in a can or box, aren’t great for you. They have lots of ingredients we can’t pronounce.
We are all busy in life and know that sometimes opening a can or box and throwing dinner in the microwave is easy.
We all probably can’t commit to completely eliminating processed foods for the whole month. So maybe for one meal a day, or once a week or just once this month. Try to replace it with something fresh, like fruits and or vegetables.
Exercise: The other day in a yoga class I taught we did some exercises for the glutes.  So I decided to make that the exercise challenge for this month. When you exercise try to dedicate some time to your glutes every time.
If you need more direction then just me telling you to do some exercises, how about each week try the following for 5-10 minutes at least three times a week.
Week 1: Do basic squats. You can do this while watching TV or even while doing the dishes or making dinner, which is not coming out of a box.
Week 2: Clamshell exercise (15 reps each side); side-lying kickback (15 reps each side) while firming your foot that is kicking back; and the side-lying dog hydrant, which is just like the clamshell but you also lift your foot, so like this, but lying on your side, which I couldn’t seem to find the right pic (15 reps each side).
While doing these reps you want to keep that glute muscle isolated. Put your hand on your butt to make sure you are not rolling back.
Week 3: Do basic lunges. You can also do this while watching TV. Might be a little harder to do while making dinner.
Week 4: Standing kick backs and standing side kicks. (Do 20 reps each side.) You can do these exercises with or without support. The pictures show using a wall or a chair for support, which works. But not required.
Week 5: The last week of September just has 2-3 days (depending on if you count the week starting on Sunday or a Monday). Decide if you want to repeat any of the weekly exercises above or do your own thing.
Feel free to comment here on your progress or on the Go Fit Girl! Monthly Challenge Facebook page.
By the way, my computer kept changing glutes to flutes, so in case I missed one, we aren’t working our flutes this month, unless you want to play your flute while doing squats …