Getting grateful this month

November Monthly Challenge

The jar project is part of Go Fit Girl’s November Monthly Challenge.

Wow, we are now entering November. Can you believe how quickly this year has gone by?
Since it is November (and Halloween has passed) it means we are thrown into the holiday season.
I love the holidays.
But there is also a part of me that is glad when the holidays are over. This time can be so stressful and overwhelming.
And then there are all the temptations of overeating, so much sugar, lots of alcohol, parties, potlucks, etc.
At the beginning of this year I started a the jar project challenge for myself and shared it with all of you.
I did OK with adding slips of paper in the jar until sometime in April. Though I sometimes felt like I was playing catch up.
I went on vacation and never picked it up again.
We should be grateful all year around of what we have (instead of focusing on what we don’t).
But since it is November and the month most of us celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s do the jar project for the month of November as part of the GFG! Monthly Challenge.
Throughout the month let’s plan to fill the mason jar (or whatever you use) with little pieces of paper with positive things you experience.
The positive experiences you are grateful for can be HUGE or simple.
Such as: I cooked a meal and it was delicious; someone I don’t know gave me a great compliment; I went to the dentist and no cavities; I got a new job; I got a fun text message from a friend; I watched a great movie; I became an auntie; I read a beautiful poem; I finished a great book; I went on a fabulous vacation; I had a delicious cup of hot cocoa; I am a godparent; I ate an amazing meal; I moved to a new amazing city; I heard something funny and had a great laugh; I saw a friend I haven’t seen in a long time …
You get the idea.
As long as it is positive it can go in the jar, hat, bucket, basket or whatever you are holding your positive notes in.
As we get into this crazy, hectic time we tend to let our healthy habits go.
During the hectic, crazy times we need to maintain our healthy habits as much as possible.
Let’s not wait until January to get our healthy habits going.
Exercise: Let’s keep that exercise in check. If you are already a regular exerciser, try to keep it up this month (and next) at least three times a week. If you aren’t, maybe start off with trying to walk three times a week.
When I first started regularly exercising almost eight years ago I started walking three times a week. I built that up and got into a regular exercise routine.
Get creative to keep it in your routine.
Here are some ideas: Walk 15 minutes before you leave for work. Walk another 15 minutes during a break at work. Walk 15 minutes when you get home from work. Maybe do squats and lunges while making dinner and/or watching TV. Do jumping jacks for 1 minute  five times during the day.
Nutrition: I know food will be challenging this month. Be mindful of what you are eating and drinking.
When I make a meal and it is less than healthy I try to counter-act it somewhat with veggies. My vegetables tend to take up 12-34 of my plate.
I actually do this with healthy meals as well. The other day I made chicken breast and also had green beans and a homemade cornbread muffin, which is delicious and low calorie. It was a good-balanced meal.
Be creative with your veggies this month. And make sure you are getting them in. Remember 5 fruits and vegetables a day is the recommended amount for a well-balanced day.
Post below on how the challenge is going for you this month. You can also post on the GFG! Monthly Challenge Facebook page.