My style as a yoga teacher

sequence journal

My yoga teaching sequence journal.

After I graduated from yoga teacher training a good friend gave me a beautiful journal. I decided to use it as my class teaching sequence book.
I have a notebook for my own home practice and one with sequences I teach. (A yoga sequence is an order of the poses I am teaching or practicing or being taught.)
Lately the teaching notebook is also doubling as my home practice notebook as I practice the sequence at home the whole week I teach it.
Before utilizing my new notebook I was writing my sequences out on white paper. I recently transferred all my teaching sequences into my journal. As I was doing this I realized in just a few short months I have already come a long way in my teaching.
I think my later sequences are better planned and thought out. Many are starting to have themes, a goal, an anatomical focus. My personality and style and just me are coming through much more clearly.
Recently one friend who went through the teacher training with me and another friend who is one of my yoga teachers and also taught me how to be a yoga teacher gave me some advice with my teaching.
The main thing is I need to be true to myself. I need to be true to how I teach. I need to teach the way I think is best and what I am good at and strive at.
Not every student will like my style or me. And I need to be OK with that.
When I first started subbing at Alameda Athletic Club one of my students told me he liked my style and wanted to know where else I taught.
I had another student recently tell me that I don’t teach the “typical gym yoga” as I give alignment cues and tell them what we are working on and things going on in the body. She told me she had told a friend about this great yoga teacher at the gym (ME!).
I have noticed this student checking her body in alignment by cues I have given before. SO PROUD!
The regulars keep coming back even though their regular teacher is on leave. That means something.
My style and my teaching will evolve and I will get better the more and longer I do this. But I feel great about the path I have started on.