I took on the Savasana challenge



For the month of December I took part in a 31-day Savasana challenge.
My teacher Vickie who was my first Restorative Yoga teacher (and one of my regular yoga teachers) challenged her students to do a 31-day Savasana challenge.
Savasana is a relaxed and restorative pose where you can be supported by blankets and bolsters (as you see in the picture to the left) and where your head and heart are on the same level. This is a time to quiet the body and the mind.
The month of December is stressful with the holidays, food, alcohol, family, parties, friends, end of year …
When we don’t think we have time for ourselves, whether that’s yoga, Savasana, time reading a good book, taking a bath, just sitting down for 10-15 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, etc. is when we need it most.
For the most part the challenge was fairly easy for me since I am not working full time.
But there were still times when I had to try to squeeze that 15 minutes in. Like the day I had an all-day training to become a SPINNING® teacher. And then almost immediately after that went to a holiday cocktail party. Or the day I was packing for a good part of the day and was sore and tired and just ready to veg when I was done for the day. But I can’t think of a better way to fully get into veg mode than Savasana.
There were also times while in the pose that I got anxious, agitated, uncomfortable, fidgety … I got advice from Vickie on how to deal with some stuff. Other times I just told myself, it’s just 15 minutes, which can feel like a blink or a lifetime.
And pretty much this whole month while doing my home yoga practice and, of course, Savasana I was surrounded by boxes and bags and stuff. I’ve made sure to carve out a spot a little bigger than a yoga mat to make sure I get my daily practice in.
I really had to be present to ignore my surroundings as chaos drives me nuts and makes it difficult for me to relax.
Not sure if I will fully take this challenge into the month of January. I know I will need my yoga and Restorative Yoga more than anything. But the next two weeks will be busy, stressful and chaotic as we count down for the move, which is just two weeks away.