Getting back to my basics

reading and knitting

Two of my basics that I just love: reading and knitting.

As I type this post it’s raining outside and I am sipping my coffee. I just finished my home yoga practice. (I started working on this post yesterday morning.)
I won’t type long and will finish this post later as I really want to get to reading my book.
When I was a little girl I read all the time. I read so much that my vocabulary was quite advanced (much more than it is now) and I was three reading levels ahead of my grade.
In 7th grade we got to pick a book of our choice to read and write a report on it. I read Jane Eyre. I wouldn’t read that book again until college in one of my literature classes.
I still enjoy reading. It just doesn’t happen as often. But every once in a while I get into a kick and read like crazy.
I feel like I am back in that. Sometime last week after I had unloaded our books onto our book shelf I realized there were so many books I hadn’t yet read.
I grabbed a Beverly Cleary book. She wrote the Ramona books and (Ralph) The Mouse and the Motorcycle books among many others.
Beverly Clearly is from Portland and went to college for two years at Cal.
The book I am currently reading is about her adventures in college. I am not even half way done. So I assume it will be more than just her time in college. But likely also her time as establishing herself as a writer.
Sometime last week I also grabbed the knitting needles and some yarn and am knitting again. My knitting is pretty basic. But I do love doing it, especially if I am not on any sort of deadline.
Because I am not working regularly and the weather can be quite depressing in Portland at this time of year I am trying to get into a routine and make sure I leave the house at least once a day. (I am also trying to make sure the TV doesn’t stay on all day. I limit myself.)
I go to the gym regularly, there are errands to run and Curt and I venture out to explore our new area we live in. We also have friends in town and try to regularly see people.
I have also found that getting back to the basics of reading, knitting and establishing a routine fills me with joy.
I am going to the gym quite regularly and my home yoga practice is back to being a regular thing, which means I am ready to teach a class if called upon.
I have some things in the works for potential teaching opportunities (for yoga and cycle).
The move to Portland was a good choice and I am glad Curt and I made it. (That doesn’t mean I don’t miss all of my friends in the Bay Area. You know who you are.)